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Szablon:Woźniak (2014)

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Woźniak Marek, (2014), Friedland 1304 – zajrzyjmy do źródeł (Friedland 1304 – let’s look to the sources), Acta Soc. Metheor. Polon., 5, 2014, s. 155-181 (abstrakt). Plik ASMP.

Abstract: I wonder if a description of Morasko meteorite “rainfall” could be found in any medieval chronicles? If Bartoshewitz’s and ‘bolid wielkopolski’ hypothesis’s are only the result of dishonesty of chroniclers and ancient meteorite researchers? A survey of old annals is closing us to the explanation of this catastrophic event from the turn of XIII and XIV century. However, new thesis requires further research.

Keywords: Freidland, Vredeberch, Morasko meteorite, historic bolides, comets